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  • Well, I’m Moving…

    …as in my blog, not myself.

    I’ve been debating this for a while, and am finally now doing it! So please point your browers here from now on…


    Thanks so much for reading with me for the past three years! I’m really excited about my “new” blog…see you there!

    One Response to “Well, I’m Moving…”

    1. Rachael Gregory says:

      Hi, Alexandra!

      I found you while looking desperately for someone who might know how I can find the Christine Daae costume. As I read about you, I realized we have so much in common!
      I am a homeschooling mom of 5 children in MI, and happily married the man of my dreams while we were at Bible college in WI. Both of us majored in music, sacred and classical. I now teach classical voice, violin, viola, and piano, and both of us conduct orchestras and choirs for a community youth music group. That is why I am looking for this dress. We are putting on a fundraiser for our group, and my wonderful husband and I get to sing, “All I Ask of You!” Of course, that dress is not the one she was wearing when she sang that song, but I can’t find the one she was wearing, either, so I thought I would try the other one she was famous for. Our theme for the evening will be Night at the Movies. Can you give me any ideas that won’t cost a bundle?

      I cried when I read what happened to your mom recently. My heart went out to her so much. We nearly lost our 5th child, but, thanks to a Christian doctor, he saved my life and our Joshua’s.

      Thanks for reading and I hope you keep up your wonderful attitude! God will bring the right man to you in His time! He always does!

      In Christ,
      Rachael Gregory

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