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    So this year our pastor offered this little schedule thingie where you can read the Bible in a year. It sounded like a good idea, so I decided to get one and use it.

    I’ve started reading the Bible all the way through several times in my short, unevenful :-) life and always managed to peter out in the middle of Leviticus. This schedule is set up really well, and Lord willing I will be able to get through it all this time.

    I wanted to start this because I’ve been impressed lately with the importance of having a consistent daily Bible reading time. In the midst of busy schedules and mile-long to-do lists, it seems like Bible reading gets put on the back burner when it should in fact be the very first thing.

    It’s not that I haven’t wanted to do it…but for me it’s all about establishing a habit. I look at the things in my life that I do practically without thinking. How did I get to where I don’t need to tie a string around my finger to remember to do them? Because I made a habit of them.

    Now, I started the schedule rather late…so I’ve been doing quite a bit of catching up. Hopefully by next week I’ll be caught up where I should be. But praise the Lord, I have had a week of consistent, every day Bible reading. And it’s completely and totally amazing how the Lord has used it this week in showing me things in my life – through the scheduled Bible readings.

    In Genesis alone, in a book that frankly I know like the back of my hand from not only numerous readings in the previous failed attempts to read through the Bible, but from school and teaching the stories over and over again (the advantage of having wee little siblings as well as ones in your age group – you learn everything twice – once yourself, and once teaching it to others. :-) ), the Lord has shown me so many things.

    I want to share them all eventually – how in Genesis 2, a chapter practically memorized from my marriage-at-eighteen-obsession days, the Lord showed me something completely new – the incredible importance the wife’s role is to the welfare and life purpose of her husband, or Genesis 22, on Abraham’s faith that God would provide, even though it seemed as if He would have to pull it out of thin air.

    But this has been such a blessing all ready, and it’s amazing how in just a week, I am all ready getting to where I am anticipating the next day’s reading. This schedule has really been wonderful.

    Now, with the Lord’s help, I’ve just got to stick through Leviticus….

    7 Responses to “Bible Reading Adventures…”

    1. Vikki says:

      Good for you!!! Keep it up. :)

    2. Victor Mowery says:

      Praise the Lord! I have actually found that Leviticus and Numbers become easier year after year and actually to the point of more enjoyable rather than tedious when you have a better understanding of the Bible. The imagery in Leviticus starts to make sense about the seventh or eighth time through. :) Stick with it! I know a very slow reader who does not ever read for enjoyment but he began reading through the Bible as an unsaved man. He was able to stick with it even at his very slow pace and halfway through Leviticus he trusted Christ. He still struggles through reading it but he’s still at it. You can do it too!

    3. rod says:

      Yes continue to read EVER WORD OF GOD reminding yourself that it is important because it is Gods Word to you whom he created and LOVES more than anyone else can. Consider it a time of communing and prayer with Him. I have been constantly blessed by these reminders as any complete relationship between two whom love each other ie HE and you requires labor and effort in communicating both in mind, action, and words. Praying continually for you in Christ AMEN

    4. Tori says:

      Good job, Sis! Keep it up. And know that you aren’t the only one realizing that Bible reading tends to get put on the back burner. The Lord was just convicting me the past couple of days that it should be the first thing I do each day. A while back, I made a commitment to spend time in my Bible each day … and I do … but it’s not first and I’ve been convicted that it SHOULD be first. How are we going to put the Lord first in our life if we can’t even put him first in our day? Pray for me and I’ll be praying for you!
      Love you so much!

    5. Katy says:

      Hey me too lol. I amdoing that too

    6. Erica says:

      I agree! My daily Bible reading habit didn’t just happen, it took a lot of effort to get up and grab my Bible first thing in the morning…and some mornings I have to get up at 5 AM and that is NOT easy! LOL! Your flesh gets in the way and you kinda want to quit sometimes.
      And your definitely not the only one…I just about skip over Leviticus when I’m reading through! That would be bad if I did, but I just can’t get into it?? Hopefully you and I both will do better this time through! ;)
      In Christ,
      Erica Simpson

    7. KATE says:

      I echo Tori’s words! I have pretty much established a daily Bible reading decision…which I have stuck to for several years. However…my problem is sometimes pushing it to the middle or end of my day instead of when I first wake up. Even though the Bible doesn’t command that we read in the morning, there are several “hints” to this in different passages. On the days I’ve waited to read until bedtime I have found that what is in my devotions is what I needed that morning and didn’t have!

      I’m not perfect so…switching what Tori said a bit…I’ll pray for you two…and you ditto it back!

      Love you, girl!

      P.S. Remember…after you get through all of the slaying of animals, curing of sicknesses, and counting of people books you get to read about Joshua and…well… life gets pretty exciting!!! :)

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