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    So this past Friday Mom and Dad were out for dinner with some friends.
    And we were left to hold down the fort.
    So we decided to have a bit of a party.

    We got pizza.
    And yes, it was all gone by the time we were done.
    It’s called three teen guys in the family.
    Although I must add that they’re not the only ones responsible for mass pizza consumption.
    It’s a very famous fact that Emma (8) once ate six pieces of pizza at the age of two.

    The little kiddies with their pizza.
    Pizza-from-the-store (as in Papa John’s or Pizza Hut or whatever) is a bit of a luxury here.
    So this was exciting stuff, you know.

    Even Ben was in on the fun.
    He eats as much pizza as anyone else in the family.

    We watched some Hogan’s Heroes on the new Christmas present from grandma.
    And now I must take this opportunity to say what an awesome grandma I have.
    Not just because she gives lovely presents. Just because.
    But this present was really nice. :-)

    Coca-Cola and Papa John’s Garlic Sauce.
    Which is pretty much amazing stuff.
    The sauce, I mean.
    I really want to find a recipe.

    My plate.
    Spinach alfredo pizza…I do so love.
    Very, very much.

    I love Hogan’s Heroes.
    I especially love Colonel Klink.

    Nick didn’t want to get his picture taken.

    Self-portraits are always hard to take.
    And it’s a bit blurry. But it’s the best of the bunch we took.
    So after we had pizza we played some little kiddie games.
    Like Candyland. I haven’t played that in years.
    Then the little ones went to bed and the older seven of us played Seven-Up.
    Then the girls and I watched one of our Andre Rieu concert DVDs
    And stayed up till two in the morning watching it,
    Singing along to the songs in English and humming along to the ones that weren’t
    And clapping and cheering at the end.
    It really is amazing.
    Sometimes I still can’t believe that I actually got to go to one of his concerts.
    The Lord really is so, so, so good in giving us all those little things.

    So it was a really good Friday night.

    3 Responses to “Friday Night Babysitting Party…”

    1. Rod says:

      Glad to hear your parents were able to go out together if even with friends:) Also glad to see that all had a wonderful evening and early morning together. Pizza is good any time for a meal!

    2. Tori says:

      Fuuun! Yum, that pizza looks good :-) Makes me HUNGRY!

    3. Katy says:

      Love seeing these pics and updates!! Hope all is well,

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