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    I hope you all had a very Happy New Year! It was a great one for me. The Lord really blessed this year. We had a lot of really, really tough times, but so, so many wonderful ones, too. And I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

    And yes, I’ve been absent…been enjoying Christmas vacation waaay too much! A post with pics of the lovely things I got from my awesome family and friends is coming soon, but until then…

    Here’s a New Year’s post, with a recap and what-I-want-to-happen-this-year! :-)


    Learned some very valuable lessons about life
    Was sick most of the month
    Saw Cranford…and LOVED it!
    Saw A Tale of Two Cities the Musical in Concert on PBS

    Had a meeting in Tennessee…and were snowed in!
    Got sick again. :-)

    My very first crush, Fess Parker (known for his role as Davy Crockett), died. That was sad.
    My dear sisses-in-Christ Kate and Tori came to visit for a week! Amazing, wonderful visit. Love you gals!

    I was sick again

    My 21st birthday!!! Went and had lobster tail with my dad. First time having lobster, you know. Loved it.

    Met (as in cyber-met…not real-live met) my dear, dear bloggy friends Michaela and Anna! And have spent six happy months talking all things singing/singers, musicals in general, chocolate, Europe, and everything under the sun. :-)
    Began planning the Think of Me gown

    Nick graduated
    Got to spend a lovely week with my bestest sis Tori when they came down for Nick’s graduation
    The Historical Costume Inspiration Festival was announced…and I began working on the TOM gown in earnest!

    Spent the month working on the TOM gown. :-)
    Saw The Young Victoria and L.O.V.E.D it. Probably my favorite film of the year.
    Went on vacation to Truman Lake and had a lovely, amazing, relaxing week.

    Saw Wall-E and Up and fell in love. I want to marry Wall-E. If I were a robot.
    Finished the TOM gown. Hallelujah.

    The Think of Me gown won Best Reproduction!!!!!!

    Went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and had an amazing two weeks with the Ransom family…going to Dollywood…a lovely, lovely time!

    Had a very relaxing Christmas with family!

    Some things I’d love to happen in 2011:

    Get closer to the Lord and my family.
    Get really good at voice – and have nothing happen so I can have my spring recital!!! I am SOOOO looking forward to that!!!
    Get more piano students
    Get better at the things I do around the house
    Start another gown.
    Finish this awesomely amazing novel Tori and I are writing.
    See my dear Kate and Tori again.
    Meet Mich and Anna in person
    And last but not least….I would. Absolutely. Love. To. Go. See. Tori. In. England. England is all ready one of my top three places-I-have-to-visit-before-I-die. How convenient that my closest friend lives there now…good excuse. :-)

    So…hope you all had a Happy New Year! And praying that 2011 brings more joys and blessings than you can hold! Thank you so much, each and every one of you, for sticking with me and filling my blogging life with so much fun!

    5 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

    1. Rod says:

      Praying for (remembering you and the Lord) and hoping that your desires are fullfilled this next year. May the Lord continue to watch over,guide, and bless you and your family this coming year. Collosians 3:16 Psalms 97:12.Isaiah 26:8,Malachi 3:16 and finally Phillipians 1:3. Rod

    2. Vikki says:

      Loved this post! You did a way better job than I did at recapping your year. There were whole months where I can’t remember a single thing that happened! Of course, that’s probably because I’m elderly, and therefore senile. :)

    3. Ally says:

      Mrs. McCleary…

      I wish I could take credit for the young brain…unfortunately I must confess that I cheated and looked over the blog archives to remind myself of what we did this past year. :-)

    4. Melody says:

      Hello Ally, my name is Melody. I am a 51 yr old homeschool mom/grandma here in Monterrey Mexico. I found your page while desperately looking for other christian homeschool families in Merida Mexico. We are seriously wanting to relocate to that area but know absolutely no one there. Please can you help connect us? I read your “about me” page, and it was like I was reading about my own 21 yr old daughter. Amazing! I thank God His great blessings. Please email me at: melody.f.larson.patton@gmail.com God bless you!

    5. Tori says:

      And … Tori would. Absolutely. Love. For. You. To. Come. See. Her. :-) Come in February. That’s the longest I can wait ;-) hahaha. All joking put aside though, I will be eagerly awaiting your visit.

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